Did You Know In Mexico, It Is Wrong To Gift Someone A Yellow Rose? It Means Death!!

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Sept 28, 2020

Roses are a great gift to show emotion just about anywhere in the world. However, when choosing a color, some countries relate special meanings to certain roses. 

In Mexico, it’s better to stick to a traditional red rose rather than a yellow rose, which means death in Mexican culture. Yellow flowers, such as marigolds, connote death and there is an association of chrysanthemums with funerals. 

Red flowers are thought by the superstitious to cast spells. Highly prized gifts include good liquor, coffee-table books, crystal, and Mexican (only) silver work. 

For flowers, the safest is an all-white bouquet, sent by a very good florist (have your hotel recommend one) in advance of a dinner party or the day after. 

Avoid purple, yellow, and particularly red, which has a reputation for casting spells. Scissors mean the end of a friendship and a handkerchief is considered sadness. Gifts are opened when given. 

Mexico is one of those cultures, the mere reference to which, brings colorful, vibrant, and lasting images of food, fun, and fiesta to mind. Mexico shares its borders with the United States and Mesoamerica, and its culture is a melting pot of influences from both these civilizations. 

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Flowers and festoons are both an integral part of the celebrations and wild parties are a hallmark of many of these events. The Mexican vibe is friendly and laidback and the people are warm and hospitable. 

Mexico is the gateway to the Americas and as such is the perfect confluence of Southern and Northern American cultures. Combining the passion and verve of South America with the consumerism and individuality of the States, Mexico’s hybrid culture is one to behold. 

Communal celebrations are huge in this devoutly Catholic country and festivals like Christmas, All Hallows Eve (Dios de la Muerta) and Easter are times of great rejoicing. 

Flowers also play a huge part in these celebrations and therefore are an important aspect to consider when thinking of gifts for your Mexican counterparts. Mexicans are passionate about expressing love and fidelity, and the Red Rose is a symbol of both these powerful emotions. 

Carnations are a beautiful, enduring symbol of love, friendship, and trust. Daisies are thoughtful gifts that stand for family, affection, and respect. Lilies are thought to signify purity and are also considered flowers of mourning. 

Tulips signify imagination, perfection, and passion. Orchids are prized as symbols of virility, seduction, and raw sensuality. Alstroemeria symbolizes friendship. Irises are flowers of gratitude and humility.

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By Dawson